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caring for your new floor

for long lasting beautiful results

Floors with oil and urethane-type finishes are extremely durable. With just minimal care your floor will look beautiful for years to come. The key to preserving your floor is protecting its finish and it is important that you provide regular care. Never use a steam mop. Regardless of what the steam mop manufacturer tells you, it will VOID your floor warranty.

  • Wipe up spills with a soft dry cloth and never wet mop a hardwood floor.
  • Keep your pet’s nails trimmed.
  • Throw rugs or area rugs should be used in high traffic areas or pivot point areas, such as in front of kitchen sinks.
  • Use doormats at the entrances to your home to help trap dirt and grit.
  • Sweep your floors regularly. Dust mops can also be helpful in keeping dirt, dust and grit under control, but be sure to check to make sure the dust treatment is approved by your floor’s manufacturer.
  • Vacuum your floors with a soft bristle attachment. Never use an upright vacuum with a beater bar as they can scratch and dent a floor.
  • Place glides made of felt under the legs of furniture, especially chairs, to prevent scratches. Clean the glides occasionally to ensure stones and grit do not become imbedded.
  • Lift furniture when moving it to avoid scratching floors.
  • Shoes with exposed nails or metal heel supports will badly damage your floor. Also, shoes that have deep treads are prone to trapping dirt or gravel and damaging your floor.
  • Be aware that high heels can damage a hardwood floor.
  • Keep the relative humidity in your home between 40% and 55% to minimize expansion and contraction of the boards during changes in the weather.
  • DonĀ“t use any cleaner not approved by the manufacturer of the floor.